The easiest way to create stylish, responsive HTML5 eLearning content.

Leading edge eLearning content creation made simple

Evolve is an intuitive tool for quickly building powerful eLearning content.

Its rich set of features gives you total control of every aspect of course creation and presentation. It integrates easily with SCORM, TinCan, Moodle and a range of other LMS platforms.

Pure HTML5, responsive everywhere.

Evolve creates HTML5 eLearning content that works on any platform or device from desktops to tablets and mobiles. We treat real responsive design as a basic standard, not cutting edge. We're sure you think so too.


Lovely things our clients say about Evolve.

Beth Hall
Head of Group Learning at Cotton On Group.

The real key to Evolve though is how ridiculously easy it is to use. We had a team of 10 up and running on it within an hour. Of course the real proof of the pudding was – would we use it? Well I can report that we have already created a huge 700 learning modules so the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!

Example Courses
Joanna Webb
Pearson Higher Education

Evolve is innovative because it makes it extremely easy to build modern looking content, far more quickly than with tools like Articulate and Captivate. A lot of the hard work of content design has been done for you. Everything you produce is straight into HTML5 and you don’t have to build responsive content separately in different screens like with other tools which can be very slow. Evolve offers a great range of features and is very competitively priced. It seems to be miles ahead of the competition.

Sam Burrough
Transform eLearning

Evolve is just so fast and easy to use. It’s innovative in the way that it makes it really simple to create learning for any platform straight out of the box and it includes lots of great features like interactive branching video questions. Everything just changes size faultlessly and looks really great. It’s enabled me to create content far more quickly than I could do using traditional authoring tools.

Example Courses

Our Clients

A few of our great clients.

For every action, Interaction.

In Evolve Interactions form the basis of everything you do.

Presentation Interactions.

Our Presentation Interactions cater to a range of learning styles and content types. In fact, we'll go one better; it's our mission to make sure that whatever your content, whoever your learner, we've got you covered.

Interactions include interactive video, flip cards, carousels, flow charts, sliders. You name it.

We're actively listening to our users when we choose what to build next. Our rapid and open development means you can help shape Evolve.

Question Interactions.

We know, we didn't like exams either but there's no denying it; testing works. Your content is nothing if it doesn't stick with your learners long after they've finished your course.

With Question Interactions that really test learning and extensions that reward it, we think you'll find your learners aren't quite so worried about their exams.

Choose from a huge range of easy to use Question Interactions including multiple choice, drag & drop and many more.

Stay in control.

You want your learners to know how they’re doing. This does two things; keeps them motivated and enhances their learning. Evolve has powerful notification features built in, which keep your learner up to date with feedback.

Customise all your notifications. You can do this across a whole course or just for specific questions and Interactions. We want you to have complete control over all your in course messages and Evolve makes that simple.

Powerful Menus.

Help learners navigate the topics on a course using our Menus. Choose from a growing selection of menus including Box Menu, Cover Menu and Map Menu.

Change the Menu you're using with one click.

Make courses your own.

Powerful theming, instant changes.

Absolute Theming joy.

Easily update the look and feel of your courses with our flexible Theme Editor. We give you the tools to style each element of your courses. You can alter the look of all the Interactions in a course, page, and menu.

We're constantly adding new themes to Evolve! These are pre-built for you and allow you to radically alter the look and feel of your courses. Mix one of these with the theme editor and you'll be able to create just the look you're after.

All your changes are available instantly with Live Preview.

Complete Brand control.

We understand that you need to make your courses match your branding. Evolve comes ready to help you quickly add your company logo, brand colors and any other brand collateral that you need.

So whether you're building one or one thousand courses Evolve will make the task of branding them straightforward and painless.

Greased lightning, gone.

Evolve is fast.
We know you want to spend time building, not waiting.

Let the Games begin.

Keep your learners coming back for more with our gamification features.

Stars, Lives, Badges, Points.

You know that sometimes learners need a little more encouragement and that's why Evolve allows you to add gamification. Motivate your learners and celebrate their achievements as they work through your courses.

Choose which of your course Interactions have the most value. Reward learners as they complete questions or sections of your course. It's up to you.

Build your own badges.

Got a great idea for a unique badge you'd like your learners to get when they complete a section or succeed at a task? With our feature-rich badge creation tool you can add even more personalisation to your courses.

Build the best, together.

Evolve helps you collaborate to build effective eLearning.

Review & Comment.

Comment on any part of a course and your colleagues will know in real time. We believe that you'll build the best materials when you are able to get quick feedback from colleagues, no matter where they are.

Working across time zones, in different offices or side by side in the same cafe is easier in Evolve.

Image Optimisation

Looking good and feeling better.

Seamless image optimisation.

You won't struggle to make your course images work across devices. Evolve takes care of it for you; just upload the image you want to use and it will make sure they are served at the optimal size for the device your user is on.

Evolve will warn you if an image you upload isn't a high enough resolution. You'll be given options to automatically scale the image to the correct size or apply a transparent or colored background.


Check out more of Evolve's powerful feature set.

Powerful Extensions

Bookmarking, Course Attainment.
Add Resources, Stamps, Glossaries.

SCORM Compliant

Outputs SCORM and other LMS compatible courses and tracking.

Auto Save

Never lose your work again.


Course-wide assignments.
Reward with Achievements.

Easy Course Duplication

Quickly copy & paste a Course.
Save time building content.

Built in Support

Email us from inside Evolve.
We'll get back to you fast.

Rich Tracking

Powerful metrics as standard.
Right down to individual questions.

Video guides

We've built guides for every Interaction.
Never get stuck on anything.