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For the uninitiated Evolve is the content creation tool that we make at Appitierre. It’s one of two software tools that we make; the other is Bloom, a learning management system. Evolve is suitable for anyone who wants to make interactive courses that have assessments, quizzes and loads of interaction. It’s excellent for building competency tests, compliance training and loads more.

Many of our users have often remarked on how straightforward Evolve is to use but who wanted a resource that would speed up their learning. This lead to the creation of the Evolve Academy.

Learn Evolve using Evolve.

All of the content in the Academy is built using Evolve. It made sense to us to build out the content in the Academy using Evolve; after all what better demonstration of Evolve’s capability than to use it to help users learn it?

The Academy itself uses our learning management system Bloom to host the content. If you’d like a look at Bloom, then drop us a line at, and we’d be happy to arrange a demo.

What will I learn in the Academy?

We have pathways that cover everything you’ll need to get started. In total there are over 30 different courses, arranged by topic into Trails and Subjects.

Learn about becoming a customer; how you set up your account, raise support tickets, add new users or change your subscription.

We take you through the basics of building and structuring courses. There are pathways describing all our interactions and how to make the best use of them.

More advanced topics around theming your courses, adding branding and developing courses using our range of powerful extensions.

Share ideas and knowledge with other users, discuss everything.

It’s easy to use the Academy as a place to share ideas and tips about Evolve. Discuss a particular course or just exchange tips on how you use Evolve with other Evolve users.

We’d love the Academy to become a place where you can exchange tips with other users of Evolve and perhaps even share examples of your work for others to learn from.

Earn points and track your learning

As you complete courses in the Academy, you’ll earn points and badges as you complete learning. Share your achievements with colleagues or use them as a benchmark for future practice.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free. Just register and you’ll gain access to all the learning you could need.

Can I download the courses?

At this time that’s not an option, but you can return at any time and retake a course if you need a refresher.

Do I need an Evolve account?

You don’t need an Evolve account to use the Academy, but we hope after using it you’ll sign up for a trial and see practice what you’ve learned. You can get a free trial here

How long can I access the Academy?

You can access the Academy for as long as you need it. We don’t cap access to it for anyone.

Try out the Evolve Academy here