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Build e-learning courses using search in Evolve

Are you building e-learning courses? make them searchable with this easy guide.

Building e-learning courses using Evolve Authoring is simple.

Checkout the free course below and use it on a Free Evolve Trial.

Why use search?

Your team want simple and practical guides to tasks they have to complete. They need to be able to access those guides in a non-linear, just-in-time way from their mobile devices.

They need to be able to search for relevant content when they need it.

This search should be non-linear, not proscriptive and allow exploration. Take a look at the course and explore the interactions we discuss. Using this article and the downloadable copy below try to reconstruct the course on a free Evolve trial.

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Evolve authoring page builder

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  1. Build Resources (not Courses)
  2. Use checklists for simple tasks. 

Page 2 of the demo course uses a checklist. They’re great for providing quick overviews of a particular task or workflow.

2. Make sure the learning is multi-device accessible.

Try resizing your browser and see how the course adapts to the screen size. Even better; view the course on a mobile phone or tablet. Published Evolve Authoring content is responsive by default. This means your team will be able to view them anywhere, not just when they’re at their desks.

3. Make it searchable

Think of each page as a self-contained resource. A group of pages form a subject or topic area. Give each page title a searchable field. On our demo course each page display title has a logical and searchable title.

Search is a familiar mental model for learners.

Evolve Authoring Search Extension settings page

Create easy to search Pages

Creating a searchable course helps increase your learner’s agency and encourages exploration.

E-learning is about helping to increase learner engagement and giving your management team an investment with high returns. Using search helps by creating courses that are not the average “click next” experience but instead match what learners experience on the wider web.

Using the Search extension in Evolve Authoring you are able to select what is searchable on a course from Articles, Blocks and Components and even Pages and Menus. 

Perhaps use Pages as the building blocks for a search based course. They give you the flexibility to experiment with content and style (via theming). 

How do I add the example course to my Evolve instance?

  1. If you are on a free Trial contact Support and they will add the course to your instance.
  2. If you’re on a paid account you will be able to upload the course yourself.
  3. Download the course at the end of this article
  4. Login to your trial
  5. Click “Create Course”
  6. On the next screen click “Import Course”
  7. Upload the demo course
  8. Start editing

Download this course

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