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Evolve course with video and assessment

Build E-learning courses using video:

This article gives you tips on creating an Evolve course that uses a video interaction followed by a short assessment.

After the video the course has a short assessment to test the learner’s understanding of the video.

Try out the course here.

There’s a downloadable copy of the course below. Use the hints in this article to try and build a copy of it on your Evolve trial.

Download this course

Evolve page editor view

An Evolve eLearning video course

Evolve multiple choice question interaction

What Interactions do we use?

In the example course we used the following interactions and features:

Multiple Choice questions are linked to the progress indicator extension. As the MCQ’s are completed the progress indicator will update.

Notice the Interaction label icon on Question 2. The label will change when the component is scrolled in to view. Changing interaction labels is easy – on the component you wish to update select the Interaction Label menu.

Video is a great way to introduce your e-learning module. With Evolve you can upload videos or link to YouTube or Vimeo using the Media component. These will display on mobile, desktop and tablet by default, without any coding knowledge or additional configuration on your part.

Using the Article indicator is a great way to help learners navigate longer pages.

How do I add the example course to my Evolve instance?

  1. If you are on a free Trial Contact Support and they will add the course to your instance.
  2. If you’re on a paid account you will be able to upload the course yourself.
  3. Download the course at the end of this article
  4. Login to your trial
  5. Click “Create Course”
  6. On the next screen click “Import Course”
  7. Upload the demo course
  8. Start editing

Download this course

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