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Create an elearning game with Evolve authoring:

Creating an elearning game is an essential tool in any instructional designer’s toolkit. In this article, we’ll show you how to get going using Evolve’s new Game component.

You can see a preview of the course here.

Different game types

Using the game component to create ranking or multiplayer games is simple. A ranking game is one that has the learner play to achieve ranks.

What these ranks are is entirely up to you. In the example, we’re using Bronze, Silver and Gold but you can call the ranks whatever you like and configure the points needed to earn each.

Multiplayer games allow your learner to play against the AI built into the component. Set the intelligence of each AI character on a per character basis and choose from one of three difficulty settings; Easy, Normal and Hard.

Check out the free elearning course below and use it on a free Evolve Trial.

Evolve authoring elearning game select your multiplayer character

Evolve authoring game component setting up ranks

Evolve game component question types


Use Rounds to setup your questions. Have as many rounds in your game as you’d like and add questions to your rounds. 

Multiple Choice questions

Setup up to 4 options 


Set the correct answer to Is True


Set up as many “Drop items” as you need and fill in the correct and incorrect drop zones.


Use up to 4 items for ordering. Don’t forget, just drag the items into the correct order.

Using Power-ups is a fun way to give players options to get Hints, Stop time and earn streaks.

How do I add the example course to my Evolve instance?

  1. If you are on a free Trial Contact Support and they will add the course to your instance.
  2. If you’re on a paid account you will be able to upload the course yourself.
  3. Download the course at the end of this article
  4. Login to your trial
  5. Click “Create Course”
  6. On the next screen click “Import Course”
  7. Upload the demo course
  8. Start editing


Evolve Authoring game elearning true or false

Now you’ve had a chance to see how to build an elearning game using our game component why not download the example course and try it for yourself?

Download this course