Training – Creating your brand

We’ll create you a theme, built by us that matches your brand.
You’ll receive;

  • A branded theme that you can reuse in all of your courses
  • a 30 minute consultancy video call to understand what you’re looking for,
  • an initial first draft of your theme created by us,
  • a 1 hour video call to review and explain the theme
    • Maximum number of delegates: 4 
      Cost: £1840 / $2550 


This workshop will support you to create your brand inside Evolve by using our theming tools. Not only will you have our input and expertise in creating your theme but you’ll come out of it with the tools to update and create new ones in the future.  

What will I get from it? 

By the end of the workshops you will: 

  • Have a theme to use in your courses that reflects your brand guidelines.
  • Have the knowledge to update the theme in the future, ensuring you always remain inline with your brand.
  • Be able to create new themes when you need them.

What does it entail? 

  • A consultancy call with you to understand your requirements.
  • We’ll create an initial theme based on your call with us and in a workshop (usually via a video call) we’ll take you through the theme, our design process and how we’ve actually created it.
  • You’ll then have the opportunity to provide us with feedback; tell us what you like and what might need tweaking!

How will it work? 

Once you make an enquiry for the “Creating your brand inside Evolve” workshop we’ll take you through the following: 

  • A 30 minutes consultancy call to understand in more depth what you’re looking for.
  • We’ll provide a statement of work to confirm the work we’re able to carry out.
  • Once we have the materials needed from you, as agreed during the consultancy call, and statement of work (e.g. brand guidelines) we’ll create a first draft of your theme.
  • We will take you through the theme in more detail and how we’ve created it.
  • You will then need to provide us with feedback to ensure it meets your specifications.
  • Once we have received your feedback, we can implement any changes necessary. 

What we need 

Items that will help us to recreate your brand inside Evolve are: 

  • Brand guidelines for your organisation
  • Assets including;
    • Logo
    • Page header images
    • Loading gif
    • Brand font
    • Brand icons