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Example Evolve Courses

Topics covered include: Games, video assessment, offline courses, search-based courses.

Build a single page video assessment
A downloadable course
Offline experiential learning course
Build an offline course that encourages exploration and discovery
Search based e-learning course
Build a course that uses Search as the main navigation method using Evolve Authoring
Create a game course
Build a course that uses games to teach using the new Game component in Evolve.
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Build WCAG and Section 508 courses with Evolve.


This article is about how you can build WCAG and Section 508 accessible courses with Evolve Authoring. We also discuss what WACG and Section 508 are, with links to additional resources. If you author eLearning courses, then you’ll have heard of one or both of these. In case you don’t know though, here’s a short introduction to what WCAG standards and Section 508 compliance are.  Section 508 is a legal requirement in the United States… Read more

Learn Evolve Authoring for Free


Learn to use Evolve authoring at the Evolve Academy today. For the uninitiated Evolve is the content creation tool that we make at Appitierre. It’s one of two software tools that we make; the other is Bloom, a learning management system. Evolve is suitable for anyone who wants to make interactive courses that have assessments, quizzes and loads of interaction. It’s excellent for building competency tests, compliance training and loads more. Many of our users have… Read more