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Training Packages

We offer a range of cost-effective Evolve elearning training packages; from creating your brand to building complex simulations.

Learning Evolve with the team who build it and supercharge your work.

Ensuring success – your first project in Evolve

At a glance

  • Hire our skills to help you make your first Evolve project a success.
  • Receive training and support tailored to you, in the context of your team and your project.
    You’ll receive:
    • An Initial 1 hour consultancy call to understand your needs,
    • A Bespoke training plan,
    • 12 hours of training (delivered via video call) in your first 3 months of an Evolve project
  • Maximum number of delegates: 8

Cost: £2145 / $3050

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Simulations and systems based training in Evolve

At a glance

  • Learn how to create your own system based training.
  • Create beautiful, realistic simulations of your own applications in your organisation
  • You’ll receive:
    • A 30 minute consultancy call to understand your needs
    • Two 1 hour training sessions
  • Maximum number of delegates: 8

Cost: £230

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Creating your brand inside Evolve.

At a glance

    • We’ll create you a theme, built by us that matches your brand.
    • You’ll receive;
      • a 30 minute consultancy video call to understand what you’re looking for,
      • an initial first draft of your theme created by us,
      • a 1 hour video call to review and explain the theme
  • A branded theme that you can reuse in all of your courses
  • Maximum number of delegates: 4

Cost: £1840

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